My Journey – Maya Noach
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    Maya Noach is an artist and jeweler specialising in silver and natural stones.

    A lifelong drive to create and an abiding fascination with the tribal jewelry and traditional ethnic pieces acquired on her extensive travels drew her to the professional study of jewelry. She forged an immediate and profound connection with the paraphernalia, the metals and tools, of her craft. Fusing contemporary methods with ancient metalwork techniques she imbues her creations with a transcendent quality: metals and minerals born from the earth are altered through the heat of fire and the striking of hammers, the dance of fire and air, and reconfigured into exquisitely crafted shapes resonant with meaning.

    Maya’s aesthetic takes the body as its starting point. She evokes the intimate textures of the organic, the decaying but durable grace of bone and sinew, and contrasts it with the abstract neo-futuristic elegance of sharp geometric lines, opposing poles that produce a whole. The ability of the living to establish a meaningful relationship with an inanimate object, to have it reflect one’s inner core, and the desire to have metal and stone in such close proximity to one’s body, inspires her to experiment with ways of enhancing this peculiar, almost spiritual, relationship. For Maya it is the process of creation itself that holds the deepest significance. It is vital that the material itself casts a spell on her.

    Constantly prowling for the materials she requires, a magpie sifting through rough stones offered up by miners and deftly cut gems from merchants, she is drawn most frequently to crystals (‘gifts of the earth’ as she calls them) for their cultural connotations and fabled properties. ‘I see,’ she writes, ‘every piece as an extension of my soul and once it is passed on it becomes an extension of the wearer.’