The Designer – Maya Noach
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    Maya Noach, Owner and Designer 


    As an artist I have been creating throughout my life in various fields, yet, I found my true love in jewellery design. There is such power in a piece of jewellery that has been handcrafted. I have been designing and making jewellery since 2012.

    With my special love for ancient wisdom; lost cultures and tribes. I work out of the knowledge that everything is surrounding us at all times- that which is seen and that which is not. The connection of spirit and matter- they are the the same and at certain points you see it and feel it. I try to capture those moments. I cherish them.

    My work starts at the void, at empty space, to create the complete, material object while knowing it will never reach completion- perfection. That is not at all what I search for. The void fills with existence. I seek the place that allows development and change, looking for the mark of what is no longer and the traces it has left behind. Attempting to conceive what may have slipped away. I strongly relate to the dualities that our existense is woven out of and these are notably seen in my art.

    I see every piece is an extension of my soul and once it is passed on it becomes  an extension of the wearer creating another link in this web of life. I feel every piece is a talisman creating an intimate relationship with it's wearer- growing and evolving with them.

    My Jewelry Collection is a fusion of mind and matter, ancient worlds and futurism, organic shapes and sharp geometric lines- opposing poles that produce the whole. The beauty of the collection lies precisely in its imperfection. The brand’s inspiration comes from the cycles of life and death, noise and silence, chaos and order – the dissonant harmony of existence. Its aesthetic is rooted in the laws of nature, which is in constant flux and change, undergoing constant generation and corruption.